Monday, 23 January 2012

Waffle stitch gloves

It's been so cold here the past couple of weeks that, even around the house, I've been wishing for a warmer pair of gloves. That's when I found this pattern and decided to have a go at it.

As you can probably see, I fiddled with the original pattern a lot. I made mine quite a bit smaller than the pattern suggested, because I have tiny hands, I changed up the stitch in the cuff and edge, and I added a thumb gusset by increasing two stitches every three rows or so.

In progress shot. As you can see, I knitted them flat and then sewed them up the side. I made them with worsted weight merino yarn, the scraps I had left from the entrelac scarf I knitted - I literally had two inches of yarn left when I was done, I was seriously worried that there wouldn't be enough to finish the second glove.

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