Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Entrelac scarf, finally finished

(It was actually finished a couple weeks ago, but it's exam time, so I just got around to updating.)

I didn't really block the scarf - just steam-blocked a little bit, because I really love the texture of unblocked entrelac *__*

I love how it turned out. The friend it was for liked it too :D And, even though it got really tiring towards the end, I really did love knitting entrelac. Usually my problem when knitting or crocheting is that I get bored. Which is why I have so many WIPs -__- It's exciting at first, but then I have to do the same thing row after row, and I lose interest (it doesn't help that my attention span is that of an overexcited three-year-old or something). But entrelac is involved enough that kept my interest the whole time. Not to mention that it gave me an excuse to practice my backwards knitting ;) Now I want to make entrelac hats and entrelac gloves and more entrelac scarves *__*

All the yarn I snipped off after I waved in all the loose ends - quite a pile :P


  1. Do you have a pattern for this? It is really cool!

    1. Thank you! I didn't follow a specific pattern, but here is a video showing how to knit entrelac with link to the original pattern. The basic technique for it is pretty much always the same. Hope I could help!