Monday, 28 January 2013

Simple Crocheted Cowl

I've had this wonderfully soft thick-and-thin yarn in my stash for ages now, and I hadn't thought of anything cool to do with it, but since it's really, really cold right now, I thought it was time I made myself a cowl.

I didn't use a pattern for this. I just used a large hook and the woven crochet stitch, and made a large rectangle. I didn't make an actual buttonhole either, the gaps in this are large enough for the button to comfortably slip through.

I really like how warm and soft this is, and how it can look different depending on where I button it. For example, sometimes I like folding down the top edge of the cowl so it's a bit collar-like:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

(Very belated) Christmas tree beanie

Hey, all! I finished this project during the holidays, as the title implies, but I've been once again procrastinating and just now got around to posting about it. Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy a nice holiday project ;)

(Apologies for the mediocre photo quality, it was way too bright in my room when I took these.)

I spent all of December watching the Yogscast charity livestreams, and everyone kept wearing these adorable Christmas tree hats. I loved them so much that I couldn't resist trying to knit one for my very own. The livestreams were perfect to knit to as well!

I completely improvised the pattern, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out (even though I wish I had used a less soft acrylic yarn so the beanie wasn't so droopy. On the plus side, though, it's super comfy). It's knitted on straight needles and sewed up at the back, and the star is crocheted and stuffed so it's all puffy and squishy :D

I'm thinking about maybe writing up a pattern for this, but it's still a while until next Christmas, so we'll see.