Monday, 4 April 2016

Anatomy of a Birthday Present

I've been trying to get back into penpalling, so I've been watching a ton of videos about flipbooks and pocket letter and what have you. So I have been very inspired, and since it was my crafty friend's birthday recently, I decided to creatively package the miscellaneous papercraft supplies I got her for her birthday instead of shoving it in a gift bag and calling it a day.

I taped two big envelopes together, added little strips of scrapbooking paper with slits cut into it to tuck little washi tape samples, made a pocket from a coin envelope, and decorated with lots of washi tape and stickers. I also wrapped some washi tape around these adorable wooden bobbins I found at a local store for some fun flair.

The washi tape samples are from this wonderful Etsy shop called LePresentDelicat - I grabbed a couple of her washi sample mystery grab bags and as you can see got so many fun designs.

All in all, I managed to fit a lot of stuff in this flipbook.