Thursday, 6 October 2011

Granny Square Bag

Long time no update!

I've had a pretty busy summer, but I've had some downtime the past couple of weeks, so one of my biggest WIPs is finally, finally done.

Roomy bag made of crocheted granny squares, with knitted sides and bottom, and knitted I-cord handles. The lining is a re-purposed pillowcase - I love the colors, I really didn't want it to be too matchy, so I love the contrast of the lining to the outside of the bag.

I used an orange wooden bead for the flap closure, and I painted it with purple nail polish, which I then distressed a little, so it would match the lining. I also embroidered little Xs on the flap and knitted the straps mismatched for some whimsy.

In general, this was one of the longest, most involved projects I've ever done, but also one of my favourites ;)

Here's the other side of it - all the granny squares are different.

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